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Utility How offer a Bill Validation service, where we will liaise with your current supplier to ensure you are paying the right tariff and your meter readings are correct and ensure you get the overpaid money back from your supplier without having to worry as we will handle all the documentation and meter readings.

We will gather all required information to ensure you are paying the right amount for what you use, and deal with your current supplier.

In over 90% of cases we manage to identify overpayments and get our customers money back.

We are independent so act on behalf of our customer rather than the supplier, meaning we have your best interest at heart.

You can rest assured knowing you’re in safe hands and focus on your business.

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

"We can’t believe Utility How was able to save us 35% on our utility bills by switching provider and we only spent 30 minutes to give them the information and they did the rest. Would highly recommend to help cut running cost for your business"

Care Home, Ayrshire

"Utility How was able to get us back £7,000 by validating our billing with our current supplier and claiming back overpayments we had made without knowing"

Hotel, Dumfries

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