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Utility How, Part of the Energy How Group, offer a utility switching service which takes the pain out of dealing with your current supplier as we can handle the full process.

We will speak to your current supplier, negotiate contract exit if required, negotiate the best rate with a new supplier as we have access to the whole of the market, without charging extortionate broker fees. We offer a personalised service and take the time to understand our clients needs, regardless if it is for a individual site or multiple sites.

We do all the leg work of searching different suppliers, checking who will offer the best overall rate to maximise your savings as well as tailoring contract length etc.

We will speak with your current supplier and ensure the switch is seamless, saving you the hassle of trying to get through to someone, leaving you to continue to run your business without any worries.

We will check in with you annually to ensure you are still on the best rates for your business, but also always on call should you have any questions with a dedicated account manager.

We can do this all remotely, meaning you don’t have to divert time away from the business to do meetings, but will still offer a tailored and personalised service.

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

"We can’t believe Utility How was able to save us 35% on our utility bills by switching provider and we only spent 30 minutes to give them the information and they did the rest. Would highly recommend to help cut running cost for your business"

Care Home, Ayrshire

"Utility How was able to get us back £7,000 by validating our billing with our current supplier and claiming back overpayments we had made without knowing"

Hotel, Dumfries

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