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Frequent Questions


What is the benefit of using Utility How?

We are completely independent, so you can rest assured we will search for the best deal for you to save you the most money and also suit your businesses needs.


What if I have multiple sites?

We will treat each site as an individual proposal but may be able to negotiate a better deal if you use the same supplier across all sites.


What if I don’t have a supply currently?

We can also assist with a new connection, so why not reach out and we can see how we can assist?


What if I am in a contract?

In some cases we can see if we can get you out of the contract, or if not we will keep in contact and review again closer to your renewal date. In the meantime we can do bill validation to ensure you are paying the correct amount and claim back any overpayments.


What if I don’t have the time to deal with this?

That is all part of our service, we will request you sign a LOA and we will then deal with everything to secure you the best deal so you can just sit back and enjoy the savings.